Monday, September 20, 2010

Advantages & Disadvantages of Mass Customization

There are many advantages to Mass Customization. It allows customers to create customized products of what they desire. It is very cost effective. You get to create every single aspect of your product. If it is shoes, you will be able to customize what they use to make them, the shoe strings that will be on them and the different colors the shoes will be. If you are building a car you will be able to decide what they use for the inside, what color the car will be and  what options you want such as rims and sound systems. Every aspect of the product will be up to you and what you want.

There are also disadvantages when it comes to Mass Customization. The layover time is one of the biggest problems of Mass Customization. Since it is a custom product it will take longer to reach the consumer. When you order something that isn't custom it will reach you in a decent amount of time. When you customize it, it will take 3 to 4 weeks longer than a non-customize product because they have to build it from the ground up for you. Another disadvantage would be that you can not return a custom product if you are not satisfied because it was created specifically for you.  

Like anything there is major advantages and disadvantages.

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